Image Handling – Part One: Branding

Some time ago I helped a customer establish release handling of their desktop service. Since it is a combination of a lot of associated components, like patches and different programs etc. It was important to get a grip of the different “versions” of the desktop service that would be in use.

The MDT framework has a neat way of branding the Image as it´s deployed, but considering that It might change (who knows) and also that the information is not that simple to read out (TS information is left out when running ZTI), they decided to brand the information in to the registry themself.


Figure 1 – Default MDT branding.

We wrote our own script for getting the information in to the registry, named it ZTIImage.wsf(download below) and implemented it to the MDT package in ConfigMgr. The important information is the TaskSequence name from ConfigMgr that we save under the value “Release”


Figure 2 – The name of the TaskSequence


Figure 3 – In the TaskSequence deploying the Image we added a step to get the information into the registry.


Figure 4 – Custom branding in the registry.

In the next post, I will show you how to extend the inventory data to include the Image information to check what version a computer was installed with through the Resource Explorer in ConfigMgr. (942.00 bytes)

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