Highlights Day 1 – Microsoft Build 2016

First day on Build 2016 got of to an impressive start with a more open Microsoft than ever.
Microsoft i pushing Windows == Home for all developers and hell just froze with Bash for Windows and The future of apps is spelled Bots.

We had the great pleasure in meeting David Irwin – Senior Program Manager at the Operations Management Suite Team (Originating from Blue Stripe) and Eamon O´Reilly – Program Manager Azure Automation. The OMS Team was really impressed by the cMDT coded by the Servicedudes wich is published on Powershell Gallery.

Check it out:

find-module cMDT | install-module.

Documentation and source code is available on github.com/servicedudes.


Companion device framework

Another feature to be released in the anniversary-release this summer is Companion Device Framework. This complements login scenarios to provide two-factor authentication even when the device lacks a camera for face recognition or fingerprint reader. It will be possible to login with wearables and NFC cards etc. One example is using Microsoft Band, where the user just logs in with hitting the space bar when the band is in range of the device.

Looking forward to test the Nasa Mars Hologram tomorow.


If you haven’t got your knowledge loaded with information about containers, now is the time to enter this space. At Build 2016 there is a lots of things “buzzing” around containers. Microsoft are working with the Azure Container Service, and though there are plenty of container technologies out there, you might want to try out the unofficial runner-up Docker, it’s certainly in the leading position (at least loudest, in conversations at Stack Overflow).


Other news in the container space, is that Microsoft will bring the Container Service On-Prem with the Azure Stack – Great stuff 🙂


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