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Highlights from Microsoft Ignite, Day 4

To kick of the morning, we had a very insightful session regarding application delivery and Docker containers on Windows Server 2016 and Linux with the very inspiring Mike Coleman and Taylor Brown. They talked about, and showed us, how to build, deploy and scale large applications in Docker containers in just minutes where virtualization may take days, weeks or even months. All in a DevOps mindset. A truly powerful technology that is built in to Windows Server 2016, without extra cost.

docker crowd

Next we looked in to how to maximize web deployment productivity with Mads Kristensen. We got some great tips of how to utilize new features in Visual Studio with the Web Extension Pack and the Packman Package Manager and how this will help you simplify your web development in ASP.Net Core.

We also were able to attend a deep dive session in Visual Studio .Net debugging, with a highly motivated and inspiring Kaycee Anderson. Some great new feature in the pipeline for Visual Studio developers.


Yuri Diogenes held a cool session on how to leverage Operations Management Suite for an Incident Response scenario, how to detect security threats with guided investigation, access your security posture and protect, detect and respond.

We ended the day with a deep dive in Microsoft Azure Stack IaaS with Scott Napolitan.

Last day of Microsoft Ignite tomorrow!



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