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Highlights from Microsoft Ignite, Day 5

To start off this morning at Microsoft Ignite we got a look at the new Application Dependency Monitor solution in Microsoft Operations Management Suite that turbo-charge your troubleshooting and impact analysis with automatic discovery of all system and service dependencies in the environment and even agentless discovery in and outside your environment.

Application Dependency Monitor works with booth Windows and Linux systems. It’s a really powerful tool! They are adding more features constantly that are tying in to the other Solutions as Security and Audit and Change Tracking. Right now it’s powered with a Dependency Agent, but it will soon be merged into the standard OMS Agent. By the way did you know that Health service is built-in and enabled together with certain features in in Windows Server 2016? Health service is the same service used by SCOM and OMS agents. Read more about the health service in Windows Server 2016 here.

When you’re at it, take the time to read about all the news in Windows Server 2016.

On the last day of the conference, and on one of the very last sessions of the day, we were very happy to see a case scenario of how to implement a full release pipeline model from an infrastructure perspective. With Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, Desired State Configuration and Pester as a base. Mark Gray and Michael Greene showed us how to really be able to implement infrastructure as code and the clear advantages of doing so. This session wrapped together many of the technologies presented at Ignite and made for a very compelling and intriguing session.


Last session of Ignite were a session called “DevOps on Azure Stack” where the Program Managers of the Azure Stack Team, Matthew McGlynn and Shriram Natarajan talked DevOps tools, templates and processes to deliver continuous integration and deployment of applications on Microsoft Azure Stack (and other clouds). Lots of Visual Studio, GitHub, Powershell, Desired State Configuration, Jenkins and more!

That’s wraps up our Ignite!

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