Managed Client Automation

Many probably know the concepts Managed Client or Workplace as a service. A common component in this context is the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) that is used to automatically install Windows on customer computers. If you have many customers to handle – it quickly becomes difficult to keep these systems updated correctly. With this blog series we are going to address several technical challenges and hope to inspire service providers, consulting firms and IT departments to work more according Continuous delivery using MDT, PowerShell and Desired State.

We start this blog series by describing our high level plan, that we think is a good start. We will follow-up  later and release several technical blog posts in which we describe in more detail how we solved the technical challenges.

The overall objectives:
  • Multi-Tenant
  • Always updated reference image for the operating systems that are supported by the service.
  • Automatic installation, configuration and change management of customers deployment servers.
  • Central repository of all models regardless of the customer.
  • Minimal hands-on in all the components.
  • Gradually release more features and improvements without much effort.

The technical cornerstones is MDT and associated components, PowerShell and Desired State Configuration, but more on that in future posts. To keep track of all the activities and quickly bring these solutions to our customers, we use Kanban, which is a fantastic way to flow through all the activities. Who knows, we might release a Kanban blog post in the future 🙂

Below you can see the overall picture we have created to visually show where we are in the various blog entries.


We will, as usual, put out articles on our blog and advertise them on Facebook and Twitter.

Next blog will technically describe what components we use and how everything fits together before we later trickle down to the details of each sub-component.

Read Part 2, Image Factory here.

See you later!

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