MDT/OSD – Dynamic operating system (OS) deployment

A while back Richard Ulfvin wrote the great post “One Task Sequence to rule them all!“. In this post we will add the ability to install different operating systems using only one Task Sequence.

In this example I’ve made a custom wizard page for our server 2012 installation using MDT 2012. This lets the user pick what operating system to install.

To configure this, first create two new custom variables and add then into your CustomSettings.ini file:

Properties=Server2012Standard, Server2012Datacenter

I’ve then created a structure by editing the Task Sequence and added conditions to each group.


To make the deployment work we also need to add an extra step shown below:


To find the correct guid, open Deployment Workbench and navigate to.



There you’ll find the “guid” for each operating system.

I have created a custom wizard page shown below that sets the variable to “YES” depending on what you choose.


The result:


Now we can use one Task Sequence to deploy both server and client operating systems!

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Marcus Kjell

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