One Task Sequence to rule them all!

If you haven´t checked out the original Hydration, take a look at the DDPS from Microsoft. I really like the way it´s built to handle dynamic roles for every kind of configuration you may be interesting in “ordering” as a single Configuration Item to build a complete Service.


Figure 1

As showed in the image above, all single CIs could build a “Deployment Solution” as a Service.

You just create a custom property to get the Task Sequence step to validate the installation.


Figure 2

Then add them to the CustomSettings.ini file under the Properties section.


Figure 3

Then you can select them to deliver your “Service” as you combining all the CIs…


Figure 4

In the picture above, I have built a configuration of a Machine based on its MacAddress and combined everything I need for installing ConfigMgr. But I have also extracted everything that every CI can accept as input for its configuration (so It´s easy to reuse it at customer sites) as listed below.


Figure 5

This is really a great way of getting “One Task Sequence to rule them all”!

Check out the DDPS here.

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