nodeProtect - Manage thousands of Windows firewalls - as easy as one.

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Start protecting your important assets by understanding how your systems are interacting with each other. When you have installed the nodeProtect Agent it will gather just enough data for you to start learning how your systems are communicating. It super easy. Just register for a free plan, install the agent and you are on your way to stop the The No 1# attack pattern i.e. lateral movement..


Protecting your assets starts with understanding their dependencies. With the nodeProtect Firewall Statistics feature you will get easy to understand metrics for you to act upon. This will be very helpful to get insight about your environment and to identify misconfigured systems, unwanted traffic patterns and to get enough information for you to build really awesome protection for your organization.


When you are ready to take the next step in protecting your system our mission is to make sure you can push firewall configurations to production with confidence. If you are deploying av lot of servers, we have provided you with an awesome feature called auto group. This will allow you to silently deploy the agent as a part of your normal installation process and automatically get the correct predefined firewall rules and settings immediately.