Testing scripts locally for the MDT Runtime

If you like to testrun your scripts for the MDT repository (or the applications that rely on it) locally – you need to start of by copying some files to your computer.

Create a folder ie C:\Test and copy the following files from your MDT Scripts folder into your newly created folder:


The first thing you have to “fire off”, is the ZTIGather.wsf script. This will get you all the variables in place for testing:




The logs will also be in place under your MININT folder:


Now everything’s inplace for you to begin running your scripts for testing.

As pointed out by Johan Arwidmark, to avoid getting obsolete data with your gather, you should remove the MININT directory between tries. You can add a simple “wrapper” to run the gather phase, below shown as the Gather.cmd file:


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Richard Ulfvin

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