addlevel is now an integrated part of Truesec

As of the start of 2021, all employees will transition to be working under the Truesec brand.

"Addlevel will be fully integrated with Truesec from now on. It provides a great and needed boost of expertise and capacity for the upcoming 2021. We look forward to work even closer together.”

Some words from Truesec CEO

- Anna Averud

Press release

As of the start of 2021, Addlevel will be a fully integrated part of the Truesec group. Personnel at Addlevel focusing on strategic cyber security will now work directly under the Truesec brand. All the developers at Addlevel currently focusing on the nodeProtect platform, will start a new department under Truesec Development in Stockholm and focus on the digital offerings provided by the whole Truesec group.

About Truesec

Truesec is a leading cyber security consulting company and offers a wide range of services including security health checks, security engineering, penetration testing, security operations and development services all provided by cyber security specialists